#CFBT Week 5 – Welcome to Your Nightmare

#TeamInsomnia coming to you after 3 a.m. Houston on Thursday night. It’s been a helluva week and I’m not talking football. But you gotta get up and throw another punch after life knocks you down, baby. Or so he used to tell me. So that’s what I’m gonna do.

 Heartland Road Trip Week 2

I think I left off on Monday in Oklahoma. After the OK State Fair we drove down Route 66 on our way to Kansas.



We found Miami – not anywhere as cool as the Florida one but hey. Then we went to Pittsburg, Kansas – specifically to check out the fried chicken wars between Chicken Annie’s and Chicken Mary’s, which No, really – this has been well documented by Brian Williams, who got his start in that small town. Chicken Annie’s and Chicken Mary’s are right next to each other:


We were disappointed to learn Chicken Annie’s and Chicken Mary’s don’t open till 4 p.m. so we couldn’t do one for lunch and the other for dinner as we’d planned – so we decided to eat at Chicken Annie’s because they were there first.


Four hours later, in a hotel room in Kansas City, we discovered the take-out order from Chicken Mary’s was actually better. So now you know where to go – when in Pittsburg, Kansas. Also, you should visit Pittsburg State University – their football team – the Gorillas – dominates the community’s attention. Really. We got the t-shirt.


And their sporting goods store is the absolute best.


We spent the following day in Kansas City doing museums and baseball. Oh, and the best BBQ EVER at Oklahoma Joe’s.


This joint is in a gas station, y’all.


Thursday we drove to Manhattan to watch K-State lay an egg against Auburn. We were hoping for an upset but Auburn said Nah. This K-State fan was so mad he was yelling: “GAW-LEE, FELLAS!”


True story. He also pulled a “CanesFam and argued with some other dude about who was a better fan, so that was fun. It was such a cluster we left early and headed up to Lincoln. Don’t judge.

Then it got real. Let’s just say a certain Bruin got a crash course in what Hurricanes nation is all about. There was this:


And this:


And then that spectacular defensive showing thanks to Al Tin and OhNo’s genius scheme. WHAT’S IN THE BOX? There’s nothing in the box, yo. Our friendly hosts were right: it was an absolute nightmare.




And a round of applause for Clemson for Clemsoning and the Gators for doing what they do best (duh). I don’t remember what else happened. Because duh.

On to CFBT Week 4

Numbers 1-4 were only 1 point apart.

  • @CaneGrad05, who earned 149 points, to understand his deal. I bet that 20 he put on Clemson felt good. If only they hadn’t Clemsoned.
  • In 2nd place with 148 points was @canemutiny5x. He put 20 on the Gators (which he lost) but was the only Cane in the pool with the balls to put 19 on Nebraska. His texts during that disaster of a game were epic, but not SportsBarFly blog friendly – use your imagination, people.
  • In 3rd with 147 points was @dbinkowski. I have nothing funny to say about him because he’s not following me on Twitter.
  • BTW, I came in 4th with 146 points. *Throws confetti.*

And now we’re on to Week 5, when Hurricanes nation gets to worry about LOSING TO DUKE. And I ain’t talkin’ hoops. If you don’t already, you must follow @Canemutiny5x for that game. That and the #CanesFam hashtag should keep you entertained during the game and after what I expect will be another epic loss.

Week 5 Standings are below. Get at it.

The Commish / @SportsBarFly


#CFBT Week 4 — The Heartland Road Trip Begins

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Lincoln Nebraska as I type this post on my iPad entirely with my right index finger. So please forgive my typos. It’s been quite the week – and sadly our epic Heartland Road Trip is nearly over.

It all started one week ago today. We landed in Dallas late, and our friends at Dollar closed (even though they knew we were coming), forcing us to wait till the next morning to get our car. (Mmm mmmmm that gas station dinner was gooood.)

Unfazed (ha!!) we picked up our Mustang Convertible (which has a max speed of 80 MPH thanks to Dollar’s speed limiter) the following morning and headed to Arlington. We watched a half of Miami Hurricanes football at a local bar (wheeeeee), then headed over to #JerryWorld for some UCLA football.


What. A. Game. We were scared for a bit there, but the Bruins got pumped up.


In the end, the Bruins prevailed, even with backup QB Jerry Neuheisel. It was Jerry’s world, indeed. Texas fans were cool, and I loved the band and alumni singing the alma mater afterwards.


I learned something that weekend: Texas girls have a uniform for games – it involves boots. (Beats the jorts Gators guys wear.)


Also, I learned that you don’t know who’s what till like… Week 5. I spoke too soon about USC playing well “under the cloud.” While that Stanford win was impressive, that BC loss was an epic fail. And VA Tech: WOOF.

On Sunday morning, we headed up to Oklahoma City. (What a dead town THAT is. ) But we stopped in Gainesville…


…and at Oklahoma University:


We hit up the Oklahoma City Fair, too. (What were they thinking?)


Their wine is so good they turn it into slush use and margaritas.


On to CFBT Week 3:

#BruinBoy came in 1st place with 126 points. Somehow, he knew ECU would beat VATech. And that 19 on BC—against USC – was a pretty good emotional pick. He’s in 3rd for the season…and he has the highest # of dropped points.

In 2nd: @CaneGrad05 with 108 points – despite having dropped 20 on GA, 19 on PSU and 18 on UCLA. Impressive.

In 3rd: @strauzer with 101. That 20 on Cincinnati was foreshadowing for the weekend. And his performance has him in 1st place for the season. Sorry, though… My Magic 8 Ball says this won’t last the season.

And now I’m off to explore Lincoln. More on the road trip in next week’s post. GO CANES!!

Week 4 Standings

IMG_0386.PNG<br /