#CFBT ’13 Week 14 — in pictures

Epic week 14 in college football. But it can be summed up in 3 photos: Saban Gets out-coached. College football fans everywhere point and laugh. Saban loses Arrogant Nation (USC) gets embarrassed by the arch-rival. UCLA fans gloat. Mora celebrates Gators block each other again in their loss to FSU. Canes, Noles, and…well…football fans everywhere point and laugh till they pee their pants. Gator blockingWeek 14 performance:

Basically, #BruinBoy made the top 3 as threatened, RM20192 was motivated by the news Magnum is a 9 year-old boy, and I taunted Heisenberg (@DiverBH) into stealing the LeBron award from me. DAMMIT.

Week 14 performance

Week 15 Standings

i don’t expect these to change. But bowl pick ‘em is coming. I’ll get you guys then…

week 15 standings

CFBT ’13 Week 13 — the thankful edition

It is Thanksgiving weekend so I’m going to go with the cliché and theme this post around #CFBT related things I’m thankful for. Ready? GO!

  • As much as I adore Heisenberg (@diverbh) I’m happy he is having a pretty bad #CFBT year. See, he won EVERY WEEK last year, so there was little intrigue about who would win. Its still open this year.
  • I’m glad SunDevil doesn’t check his Hotmail account and missed the original invitation to play. Given his performance since he joined in week 10 or so, (he’s been at the top each week), he could have been this year’s Heisenberg.
  • Mulligans. I’m thankful for them because the standings would be different without them – Heisenberg would be beating me!
  • The awesome @rayminchew, @canemutiny5x, and @rm20192 for writing #CFBT posts for me this year because I couldn’t deal. And UCLABRRUIN1989 (#BruinBoy) for putting up with my shit when I can’t deal and sending me flowers when I’m a grumpy wench. Trust me, you guys. YOU owe him, too.

And of course I’m thankful for my awesome canes fan family and friends. I enjoyed another awesome tailgate and game last weekend where the seniors received a proper sendoff thanks to my sister @klcanefan  :)

Thank you

Because college football is all about hate, I”m also thankful for the downfall of certain hated teams.

For starters, the Gators went full meltdown. Y’all know it’s because the Canes beat them earlier in the year, right? But then there was the Homecoming dump truck incident.

Gators in a dump truck

And then this completely awesome play in their loss to GA Southern.


But the Gators will get some redemption when they beat FSU this weekend. *laughs hysterically*

I’m also thankful to the Big 10 sucking so badly that it’s been painful for Ohio State to break into the top 3. I love Michigan (and Oklahoma and Pitt) for beating Notre Dame earlier this year and would be eternally grateful if they pull something out against Ohio State this weekend, too.

Finally, I’m grateful for Stanford and the beat down they will give Notre Dame this weekend because this guarantees that at worst they will have the same regular season record as Miami (Thanks for all the mistakes, Pitt).

Now let’s talk about Week 13

  • Heisenberg is grateful that SunDevil doesn’t count because he takes the week’s top spot as a result– with 124 points. No clue what possessed him to put max points on Arizona against Oregon. Savant?
  • Next: EGCACANE (@jwwalter1) took 2nd place despite having put 18 on Miami. I think he might have hit the Patron pretty hard that day or something.
  • Tied for 3rd: HurricaneKeith, #BruinBoy and RM20192. Do you see what I see?

The final week of #CFBT’13 is upon us but don’t be sad. Bowl pick ‘em is next. The standings are below. Thanks to all of you who make life and sports fun.

-The SportsBarFly

Week 14 Standings

Week 14 Standings