#CFBT Week 14 — The End Is Near

Apparently, I ran out of postage stamps because I stopped mailing in my posts. Nobody seemed to notice — except my biggest fan #BruinBoy — so meh. To be clear, I’m not throwing myself a pity party here. It’s just been a crappy couple of months so I was grateful to not have to worry about writing and trying to be funny. Even though this college football season wrote the jokes itself.

The biggest joke of them all, of course, is my beloved Miami Hurricanes.  But you know:

Drunk Kermit

Anyway, we’re entering the 15th and final week of #CFBT. And the question I know you’re all asking is… who’s going to win the Lane Kiffin Award? Like Kiffin, the recipient of this award is the best at failing up. This person will be the most improved in the standings between weeks 8 and 15.

But there’s no Week 8 standings posted…how will we know? Come on now, you guys. of course I screen grabbed that week’s results:

CFBT Week 8

With one week left, #PitchForkJason is winning the Lane Kiffin Award – he’s improved 9 spots from 23rd to 14th. KatieEverybody is right behind him, having improved 8 spots, and @NYCaneGirl has improved 7 spots.

Overall standings — I don’t think Strauzer’s Insane Again has left the top spot all season. While #BruinBoy is happy he’s moved into third place, he’s gunning for Into Sumlin Good (while silently cursing Strauzer).

One week to go – mercifully without any Hurricanes powder puff football. I don’t think I could take it. I really don’t.

Let’s get it.

#CFBT Week 6

Yeah – another one just for the sake of history. It was the week almost everyone who was ranked lost and Miami unexplainably lost to GA Tech.

I do have one story for this week – we went to Utah @ UCLA and caught some Utah fans being ratchet. It went like this:


obnoxious utah fan

Her boy ettin’ arrested. She’s trying to fight the cops. EL. OH. EL.


The walk of shame.


All this happened before the 1st quarter ended. And they missed a win, much to our dismay.

Anyway, the standings are below.

Week 7 Standings:

Week 7 standings