#CFBT Week 2 — #Putrid

Here’s the deal, people. It’s already Wednesday night and I’m just now sitting down to write this Week 2 post. I didn’t really watch much college football on TV this weekend – I even missed the Canes’ drubbing (@@) of FAMU. I was at the UCLA/Memphis game and a good time was had by all. Except #BruinBoy, who was unhappy with UCLA’s performance But bygones. I did run into a couple of Canes at the Rose Bowl – one was a random dude I ran up to in the parking lot to throw up the U. The second was this guy:


That’s Malcolm “Turnstile” Bunche, a former Cane who transferred to UCLA from Miami last year. I know y’all have missed him – #BruinBoy says the Canes can have Turnstile back. I told him Bunche just needs to be coached up. L.M.A.O.

I did pick up on the two best stories of the day – and their subplots:

1) VIRGINIA TECH BEAT OHIO STATE AND LEBRON LEFT EARLY. And this tweet made me really, really happy. Related, the BIG-Whatevs Conference sucks.


2) #SarkTexts. You guys, I couldn’t stop laughing.


Meanwhile, USC is kicking ass while “under the cloud” and the excuse machine continues at the U. Yeah, yeah we beat FAMU. I’m sticking to my prediction of 4 wins.

#CFBT Week 2: #Putrid:


I thought Week 1 would be my Mulligan but man, was I wrong. My season’s over – but it isn’t for the folks who took top spots this week:

ThisIsMyYearToWinCFBT (@JennyQ) and CaneGrad05 (@CaneGrad05) tied for first place with 135 points each.

@JennyQ has been playing CFBT since forever ago – and I think she was good back in the days I was. (SHADDUP, I WAS!!) Judging by her pick set name, @JennyQ is serious this year. She nailed her 20s both weeks (her beloved Broncos delivered this week). She was in 7th place last week and is now in 6th place for the season.

So, I really don’t know @CaneGrad05 – and he’s probably wondering what he’s gotten himself into with this pool. (I’m #UAlum so I can’t be that bad, right? Just roll with it!). He tied for first even though he dropped his 20 on Maryland assuming – like any good Canes fan – that USF ain’t nothin’. It hurts so bad that UCF and USF are actually winning games. GUH. @CaneGrad05 is 7th for the season.

In 3rd was #BruinBoy – with 126 points, despite putting 20 on Stanford against USC. Dude picks with his heart sometimes. He dropped 16 on UCLA last week, though I can’t blame him – it WAS Virginia. (Yeah, Virginia’s beating the Canes, too.) He’s in 9th for the season.

Hater’s Guide to #CFBT
That headline was totally inspired by our friends at Deadspin. (I’m so sad they no longer write the Hager’s Guide to the Top 25 ☹) There’s a fine line between love and hate – especially in college football, but among the #CFBT crew, too:

Who do we hate? Purdue. I mean – we all know they suck and that Drew Brees was the only good thing to ever come outta there. But really? Howya gonna lose 38-17 to Central Michigan? We collectively lost more than 300 points on Purdue; only @CaneGrad05 and IWouldPreferNotTo (@UMDallas) got that pick right. Clairvoyant, much?

Who do we love? Utah – and the nearly 300 points it bestowed upon us by beating Fresno State by 30 or so points (thereby diminishing the quality of USC’s win the previous week).

Looking Ahead to Week 3
Looking at the schedule, GA @ South Carolina and UCLA @TX are the most interesting games happening. I’m counting on Spurrier to give us some comedy. (I love Jay Mohr’s imitation of you, Coach. Please give us some comedy, yes?)

I’ll be at UCLA @TX – the first stop on my upcoming #EpicRoadTrip throughout the heartland, which will include at least two CFB games (UCLA @ TX and MIA @ NEB – and maybe AU @KState), one baseball game, and a bunch of BBQ and fried chicken. I may or may not have to break my rules and wear leggings at pants for this trip. Because: fried chicken and BBQ and beer!

As an aside, I need to pick a good country girl name for the road trip – Peggy Sue or something like that. Take the poll and tell me what you think it should be.

That’s it for me – I need to go pack now, you guys. The Week 3 Standings are below. Now go have some fun this weekend – and send me pics of the carnage.

-The Commish (@SportsBarFly)

Week 3 Standings

week 3 standings